How Amazon Bots Work ? and Why Flexible ?


  1. "This bot can't grab highest blocks for me, it's not working."
  2. "This bot is really good cz it gives me highest paying blocks"

Let's take a look how bots actually works

Basically Amazon Bots are just bunch of code that does 2 things:

  1. Clicks refresh button for you
  2. Apply filters when they see an offer

These are the only things Amazon bots do.

If we come to superstitions; if a bot is well coded on applying filters when it sees a block, it will request Amazon server to accept the block sooner. Because the code will work fast.

So, if someone says "This bot can't grab blocks for me, it's not working.", it might not be true all the time. As Flexible Team we are very confident about our filters code.

Also if someone says "This bot is really good cz it gives me highest paying blocks". This also might not be true. You might be just lucky. How ? Let me explain with an example.

There are two users. Frank is a Flexible App user, Andy is a user from another bot. Let's say both of them are well coded and secure.

  1. (03:00:00 AM) Frank hit start search (refreshes every 2 sec.)
  2. (03:00:01 AM) Andy hit start search in his app (refreshes every 2 sec.)
  3. (03:00:03 AM) Block appeared !
  4. (03:00:03 AM) Andy's bot search event triggered, sees the offer and accepted it
  5. (03:00:04 AM) Frank says "This bot is not working." 😒🤬😡
  6. (03:00:03 AM) Andy says "This bot is really good."

If you carefully see these events with their timestamp. You'll see that after the bot is well coded with filters, it is only about the exact second Andy clicked the start search button. You can think of it like this: "If Andy clicked the start search button 1 second later, Frank would be the one who got the block.". Also Andy thinks that his bot is really good. But it is not. It is just a superstition. He was only lucky.

So i know your question now. "How the heck i'm gonna know if it is really well coded or not?". Well, you can't. But there are some clues if a bot is taken care of. You should read the Why Flexible section below.

Honestly there are only two things you can consider choosing a bot as a user.

  1. Good support
  2. Security

Other than these two, you can't know truly. But there are some clues. Let's take a look at them.

Why Flexible?

Before i seem like trying to convince you, I want to let you know the clues you can see to avoid a bot.

  1. If it asks your amazon account information instead of you writing your own password to amazon website. Run away from them. They are trying to steal or sell your information.
  2. If it is a web browser based bot, ignore it. They will sell you some BS like "we are creating a virtual device for you etc.". Nobody buys thousands of devices to give you a virtual device. They are just trying to get your money. There is only one way to do that. It needs serious programming experience. Only companies like Flexible can do this. No worries, i'll explain. It's not ego. Bear with me.
  3. If they have an app, try using their app from different devices. After you log in from a different device, if you go to and see different devices every time, ignore it. They will mess up your device history with bunch of devices. You'll get caught.
  4. If it changes your location and make you close to a store so you can get instant offers, you should seriously avoid it. You'll lose your account. it will be caught. Let's say they're really good programmers and they really did the magic and you have a virtual device. If the location changes too much on the device, you'll get caught. And ! it will change believe me. Think ! You are choosing multiple warehouses or stores from multiple locations. How do you think it gets offers from those stores if it doesn't change your location constantly ! So it will get caught. So ignore if they have this feature.
  5. If they don't have good support, just ignore it. Honestly mostly programmers have a big stupid ego and as a well experienced programmer, i wanna punch them in the face sometime. If they couldn't humble themselves enough to take care of you and your account. They don't deserve your money.

Now let's explain why you should use us.

  1. We took our time to develop an app and a solid server to build this system. We are still taking our time to add more features and fix glitches. But we need your help with that.
  2. We have a good support methods. Telegram Live Help Channel. Click and come in. Or shoot us an email from
  3. We don't ask your account information. We have nothing to do with that.
  4. if you go to You won't see different devices. We really solved that problem. That's why our users are not getting red flags. If you claim you do. Either you're using speed mode which we put a disclaimer that it is not recommended, or you didn't read How to Avoid Red Flags section once you log into app.

So we covered really important topics about bots and our system. I tried to explain you as much as i can to make you informed. It is your choice after all. I hope you'll make the right choice. If you have any questions, you can always contact us from our Telegram Live Help Channel .